about roshi’s

Rohit + Rishi= Roshi. We’re brothers. Born and raised in Southern California.

We began making raw food and desserts in our college dorms in UC Berkeley and UC San Diego. Needless to say…we got really into it! We’ve both found that a diet high in raw foods has improved our health, vitality, and energy levels. It has resulted in dramatic changes to our physical and mental conditions. Not only has being on raw food changed our perspectives about health, it has in turn changed the way we think about the rest of the world. It is because raw food has dramatically changed our lives that we are passionate about it. And for the same reason, we are passionate about communicating what we’ve learned about raw food to others. Welcome to our website.

Our Message
The primary message we wish to communicate is that a diet high in raw food: 1) promotes healthy body weight, 2) increases energy levels, 3) prevents and heals many forms of sickness and chronic disease, and 4) makes you look great. Raw food represents a glitch in everything you’ve been taught about health and wellness on television, in school, and by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The food and healthcare industries are systems based off profit. Unfortunately, their primary focus is not your well-being as a person. Ironically, it is in the financial interest of both industries that people stay locked in a cycle of junk food and illness. Fortunately, as a consumer you have a choice. You can choose alternative ways to improve your health and well-being without the need for pills or energy drinks. Increasing your consumption of raw foods will dramatically improve your health. You will feel the difference!

Our Blog
The blog is a virtual space that allows us to share our ideas with you and receive your feedback. We try to post as many of our personal recipes as possible. Because we have huge sweet-tooths, many of these recipes are dessert-related! We also post on a wide range of political, social, economic, and cultural issues dealing with food and health.

A little more about the two of us…


I’ve been studing Computer Science in UC San Diego for the last two years, and I’ll be graduating in 2010. I became a raw foodist in June of 06 after spending two weeks traveling through Europe. I was with a tour group, which forced me to eat lots of meats and white breads. Needless to say, by the end of the trip I felt horrible. When I got back home, I decided to try a raw food diet after having heard about it from several people at the local farmers market. After just about a week I could feel some dramatic changes in my body, and have stuck with it ever since.

Experiencing the effects of a raw food diet (a diet which was condemned by my physician), I began to question many of the ideas and ideals I had been taught in school, and found myself learning more about myself and the world than I ever imagined. Soon I found myself trying all sorts of new things.

For the last two years I’ve been practicing yoga, and attended a two week intensive course at an ashram in India during the summer of 08.  Yoga has taught me as much about my body as becoming a raw foodist. Its one of the practices in my life that I enjoy the most and I really recommend it for anyone who’s interested.  I’ve also just started producing a series of videos and posts on pranayama (one of the eight limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga).  You can check them out here and here.  Or head over to the Roshi’s YouTube page.

I’ve also gotten really into rock climbing. There are several place to climb near UCSD and you’ll usually find me at one of them each weekend with at least one of my roommates. We all got into it together and after a year we still can’t get enough. You can check out some pictures of our adventures here.

Lastly, as an effort to spread some of the knowledge I’ve learned across my campus, I joined the UCSD Food Co-op. We’re a homely little store smack dab in the center of the UCSD campus serving all vegetarian, vegan, and mostly organic food. We’ve got the greatest salad bar you could imagine, for the awesome price of just $5/lb. If you’re ever in town come by, and ask for me. I usually whip up some raw food goodies to sell in the store, so be sure to pick something up if you’re there.


I love hanging out with my friends, being out in the sun, listening to music, playing soccer, the drums, and travelling. I’ve been to Latin America, Southeast Asia, and all over India. I’m planning to volunteer in India for a year at some point.

I just graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Science. I’m now working in San Francisco. I’m at a point now where it seems that many doors are open, and I have to take my pick. I’m trying to pick the right path.

I was first introduced to raw food by my brother Rishi. I saw how it made him healthier and happier. After about half a year of convincing, I finally came around. I am still not a strict raw foodist like Rishi. My diet is mostly vegetarian and very high in raw foods. I’m not a strict raw foody because I love trying new foods. I love Thai, Indonesian, Cambodian, and Persian cuisines.  And I can’t go more than a week without having Indian food.

Raw food is an important concept in my life right now because to me it represents a truth that is separate from what I’ve been taught and told. I’ve solved several health problems by just eating raw food. These were problems that doctors said were incurable and would require me to take prescription medicine for the rest of my life. There is a flaw in conventional medicine—it treats problems. The focus of healthcare should instead be on preventing problems by enhancing wellness.

Raw food has helped me realize that there is more than one way to look at things. When I found an alternative solution to health in raw food, it made me start thinking differently about everything else. In a strange way, it made me start feeling in touch with nature and the world. That’s why I like this website. It lets me express everything I’ve learned about raw food and through raw food.

Please visit my personal site at www.rohitkumar.org